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Community Organizer

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In my expanded role as a Community Organizer, my dedication extends across multiple fronts within the East Knoxville community, leveraging my marketing skills to uplift the urban economy. My strategic initiatives aim to keep the urban dollar circulating locally, enhancing economic stability. To deepen the impact, I’m focused on creating small community groups, building a robust care structure that fosters stronger community bonds. My board memberships at the United Way of Greater Knoxville, CONNECT Ministries, Real Good Kitchen Foundation, and my current position as a Volunteer Outreach Pastor at Faith Promise Church, underscore my commitment to collaborative community development and support. These efforts are part of a broader vision to cultivate a thriving, interconnected East Knoxville, where economic and social wellness go hand in hand.

To explore collaboration opportunities or discuss how we can work together to support East Knoxville, please feel free to utilize the calendar below to schedule a meeting or contact me directly by phone at 865-816-9864.

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Working with Brian and Eternal Marketing Group was a revelation. Their dedication to designing our website and providing some marketing guidance was beyond our expectations. It wasn’t just about the services; it was about believing in our cause and amplifying our voice against violence. Their support has been invaluable.

Denzel Grant, Turn Up Knox

Working with Brian was a pivotal moment for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Commission. His vision for our website redesign, combined with his skill in photography, not only modernized our online presence but truly brought us into the 21st century. His dedication to our cause and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of his work.  Brian truly went above and beyond in every aspect of assisting the Commission and Commissioners with our new and improved website.  Thank you Brian for a “job well done.”

Deborah Porter, MLK Jr Commission

I’ll be honest – I didn’t think a marketing consultant could help my gardening non-profit. But Eternal Marketing Group proved me wrong. They designed an amazing website and taught me some surprising marketing strategies that actually work in our fight against food disparity. I highly recommend them!

Brian’s Marketing Presentation was insightful and informative especially for the organizations that have limited capacity or just getting started. He has a unique talent for breaking down complex marketing concepts into clear, understandable lessons. This approach not only empowered our participants but also opened up new possibilities for their community engagement work. More than just teaching, he has a passion for the community and for organizations to make informed decisions to maximize their reach.