Have you heard of GivingTuesday?

We’ve all known about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. What better approach to recuperate from all that Thanksgiving spending and shopping than to reward the local community? GivingTuesday began back in 2012 as an approach to urge individuals to do something good. Presently, it’s a recognized day of giving that is commended all throughout the planet.

Why Should I be interested?

The better question is: Why wouldn’t you be interested? We’ve heard a wide range of reasons from non-profits organizations previously. It’s not worth the time. We never collect truckloads of cash. Our board members don’t know about it. To this we say: It’s absolutely worth it. Regardless of whether your association doesn’t raise a dime (however we are fairly certain that you will), then, at that point, you’re passing up the chance to make your brand/cause more relevant during this day of giving. On GivingTuesday, people are effectively searching for ways to give. You need to ensure that your non-profit is included in the discussion.

How Can My Organization Get The Most Out Of GivingTuesday?

It might feel like GivingTuesday (November 30, 2021) is quite a while from now, but right now is the ideal time to begin planning. How big of a campaign will you run? What are your fundraising goals? Who will help lead your campaign? With enough planning, a GivingTuesday push would positively affect your organization’s momentum going into the Christmas season and new year. It would allow you to draw in fresh volunteers, bring awareness to your struggle and raise more money.

Need Some Support?

Here at Eternal Marketing, we care about the organizations that support our East Tennessee community. From experience, we know that not-for-profits run on a small staff. We also know that you aim to be a good steward of the money donated to you. That is why we want to come alongside you to help provide the best return on investment during this year’s GivingTuesday event. Contact us today at 865-816-9864. We would like to help you customize a campaign to reach your Q4 goals and propel you into the new year with success.